ABOUT US  TRANS PANEUROPA S.L. is a company specialiced in express and group transportation, but also offering the following services: complet cargo, A.D.R good and special transportation. Express services include a complete and personalised "door to door" service, wich allways takes the client´s specific requirements into account. These deliveries are carried out in 24, 48 , or 72 hours lead time arround Wset and East Europe. In addition, when it comes to dangerous goods, all the facts are coordinated in order to obtain maximun benefit for those sectors wihch use the "just in time" strategy.    Thanks to our realibility, over the course of its seven years in the transportation market, Trans Paneuropa S.L has served clients whose main activities range from automation to electrical goods, and also include capital goods. In fact, we cater for all sectors which need special-requirement good transportation